Welcome to new possibilities

Are you looking to make a long lasting POSITIVE change in your life and in the lives of your loved ones? Are you ready to work with a spiritual life coach to get you there? Think about this deeply for few moments before you read on please. 

My name is Dr. Rod and I’m grateful that we have connected through my website. I am a medical doctor by background, motivational life coach, spiritual healer, author, and Reiki master.  Let's forget all the labels for a second and get into our hearts; I am here to guide and help you through your life’s challenges.  The first step to take a stand for yourself and ask for help is the most difficult thing to do.  I am totally conscious about that because I went through it myself in my life.  However, be assured that you will encounter pure unconditional love, compassion, and step by step guide from your life coach.  

Trust your instinct and make the effort to call for your COMPLIMENTARY 30 min consultation TODAY.  I’m excited to hear your story and wherever you are in life and help you accordingly.  Give it a try.  You are worth it. You can change your life in an instant.  I’m here on your side and as your life coach and spiritual healer will empower you to get back on track and become your true self and more successful in life. You can count on that!

If you are going through personal challenges in life such as:

Low self confidence
Chronic health dis-eases
Sleep dis-orders
Sudden emotional trauma
Loss of a loved one
Weight issues
Eating dis-orders
Creativity blockage
Financial issues
Lack of intimacy
Difficulties dealing with teenagers
Inability to connect with others and find love
Excessive shyness
Being stuck in the past
Holding on to chronic emotional pain
Fear of the future
Domestic violence
Rape and Abuse

Spiritual Life Coaching will help you overcome these challenges!

Spiritual Life Coach
 Spiritual  Life Coach & Healer for Local & Long Distance Clients.




As a spiritual & life coach, Dr. Rod will:

• Clarify your situation and develop a personalized plan for change.
• Examine ways to find balance and fulfillment instead of a life of “have to’s” and “should do’s.”
• Provide a process and tools to keep you focused on living a fuller life.
• Relate to your life transitions on a personal level.
• Bring his education, background, experience, and his daily spiritual practice, he will help you handle transitions and find balance and fulfillment.
• Work collaboratively with you to keep you motivated, focused and moving forward.