Faradarmani is a type of alternative therapy which has a total mystic view. It is a subcategory of Interuniversal Erfan (Halqeh) which was founded by Dr. Taheri.

In this type of therapy, the patient is connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (the network of intelligence and awareness that covers the universe, Holy Spirit).

Clients express physical report on feeling warm, cold, pain, tremors, and stinging. In this manner, their defective body parts are identified and the treatment begins with the elimination of the symptoms.

This therapy is called Faradarmani because it comes from theory of Interuniversalism. According to Interuniversalism, human existence is seen as vast as the universe itself.

In Faradarmani, human beings are thought as collection of physical, psychological, mental and other numerous bodies including various energy transformers (Chakras), limited and blocked energy channels (acupuncture), various fields of polarity of the body, bioplasma field, cellular consciousness, molecular frequency, and endless other unidentified parts.

In Faradarmani, therapy is applied by taking the individual’s entire existence into consideration while the person is connected to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network, they are simultaneously scanned by the consciousness which will identify problems. It will then begin to remove these defects during the process of therapy.

Therefore, in Faradarmani, we can cure all kinds of disease by using the Interuniversal Consciousness Network. The Fara-Therapist is not allowed to consider any kind of illness as ‘incurable’, because for the cosmic intelligence, all kind of cure or healing is possible.

The Interuniversal Consciousness Network is the intelligence that governs the universe and is one of the three available elements in the universe. Since awareness is neither matter nor energy, it is not restricted to time and space dimensions.  Healing using this network over short and long distances is possible.

The three elements that make up the universe are: matter, energy and awareness.

The important point about Faradarmani despite many of the other methods, therapy is not performed by the therapist but rather, it is performed through connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network.

The therapist only plays the role of a link who establishes a Halqeh (Ring) named Halqeh Vahdat – Hablellah (Cycle of Unity or the Rope of God) which is a very intelligent link.

Saadi mentions this Halqeh in his poem:

The locks of the beloved’s hair are snares of misadventure

Those who are not in this Halqeh are unaware of this adventure

The main requirement of benefiting from Faradarmani is to have an impartial presence in this Halqeh, just like an  observer, there is no need for trust or belief; thus, those who are withdrawn from this Halqeh are deprived of its grace.

The above explanation shows that Faradarmani is not associated with the energy or skill of the therapist. Therefore, you don’t have to be gifted with any kind of energy to be able to perform therapy, but rather, therapy is guided by a much higher intelligence.  As a result, the Fara-Therapist is not affected by physical exhaustion, and there is no need to compromise the energy from nature.  Also, the protective layer protects the Fara-Therapist from the dangers of defective cellular consciousness and other negative radiation.

Another important point about Faradarmani is that one cannot become a therapist through effort or practice, but this ability is entrusted to them from master to student. Therapists are also equipped with the protective layer once they sign the letter of oath.


In Faradarmani, the individual is completely stripped of all their abilities and can perform therapy (after being entrusted with the Etesal and protective layer) without having any tool or method they could associate to themselves. Thus, there is no meditation, imagination, mantra, symbolism,  or self-hypnotism methods used for therapy.

It is also believed that the individual can achieve many spiritual abilities/ The ability to cure is just one of them. One can achieve an understanding of their inner value using this Etesal and achieve enlightenment (meaning achieving intuition, elucidation, a clear understanding of the universe), thus preparing the grounds for the transcendence of the individual and communal spirit while reducing man’s pain and suffering.

Because humankind (whom God had created in His image) is not worthy of pain and suffering and finding release from this noose doesn’t entail any bad Karma, but instead, it is his mission.

Especially since the cause of some pain and suffering is solely due to incorrect perceptions.

Therapy is used as a mystical method to help the therapist to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understanding the use of consciousness and divine intelligence
  • Achieving an understanding of the inner value and knowledge of Kamal (transcendence)
  • Release from the self
  • Service to people and engaging in practical worship

Faradarmani is used as a mystical movement for the growth and development of the patient. Therefore, in Faradarmani, a physical cure without any positive inner growth does not achieve the objective. The patient’s connection to the Interuniversal Consciousness allows them to become familiar with this source of intelligence, thus connecting them to a deep truth which eventually prepares the grounds for inner growth.


Very important note: age, gender, nationality, education, research, mystical and cognitive experience, personal abilities, diet, exercise, or abstinence have no affect while working with the Interuniversal Consciousness.  

Reiki classes are taught all over the country and in many parts of the world.