Life Coaching/Spiritual Healing

Welcome to my life coaching page. You have connected with me here because at some deeper level, you know that there is more to the quality of your life than what you are currently experiencing. Life coaching is about bringing out the best in you.  Life coaching is about accepting who your are without judgment, recognizing all your strength, reminding you of your awesomeness, and healing you through your weaknesses. So, congratulations! You are among the very few who is standing tall, willing to conquer your fears, and facing your doubts head on. You are in the right timing of your life!

My role as a spiritual life coach is to  guide you out of the darkness and into the light. I have been on the path of self discovery for many years now. I learned that without challenges, there are no triumphs. Without feeling the downs, we can not know what the ups are. Without the heart breaks, we can not truly feel love. Therefore, I’m here to open your eyes to a different perspective, a fresh point of view, so you can make better decisions.  Ultimately, with better decisions, you will definitely create better results.

My philosophy is to bring you back to your authentic self. You know deep inside what is best for you. Sometimes, our life puts us in circumstances where we can not see clearly. My intention is to get you rid of these negative energies and take you into clarity. Your inner beauty is waiting to shine.  You have the ability and strength deep within you to heal yourself, overcome your challenges, and design a life of significance. I know so because I have been in the dark side myself. I had to turn my life around. I had no other choice. I had to heal myself out of depression and make my life work. Guess what? I did it and I am proud of it. Because of my commitment to myself,  I can now help anyone struggling. My challenges were the best thing that ever happened to me. As a result,  I made a promise to myself to make helping others my purpose in life.

You have the capacity to become more than who you think you are. You have the capability to stand strong, regain your confidence, stay motivated, make better decisions, and love yourself first as a priority in life. I am committed to get you there.

As your healer and coach, I will inspire and guide you in the direction where you will find balance. Together, we will stabilize every area of your personal and professional life. Together, we will discover your mission in life, your PURPOSE, and the creative vision of your soul.

My work is sacred and derives from my own personal practice. These are some specific areas that I focus on during our sessions:

  • Health/Healing
  • Love/Passion
  • Abundance/Prosperity
  • Happiness/Bliss
  • Functional Relationships
  • Purpose/Calling
  • Personal Boundaries
  • Forgiveness/Letting Go
  • Peace/Harmony

The first step which is to take a stand and ask for help is the most difficult stage. I’ve been there myself and do understand that. My invitation to you is to trust your instincts.

Call me for a FREE consultation and allow me to walk you through this healing journey. I’m excited to hear your story. Give it a try. You are worth it. You can change your life in an instant. You are meant for greatness and have a beautiful destiny waiting for you. I’m here on your side and as your coach I will do everything in my power to empower you. You can count on that!

I use the latest coaching techniques and alternative energy healing methods. These include:

  • Positive Affirmations & Positive Thinking
  • Light work, Chakra Healing Light Guided Meditation
  • Gratitude Awareness
  • Faradarmani Principles (Meta-Therapy) & Healing
  • Meditation for Manifestation (Japa) & Breath work
  • Reiki Healing for balance, calmness, & happiness
  • Nutrition recommendations for weight loss
  • Present Moment Awareness
  • Metaphysical Teachings & Guidance
  • Intention & Goal Setting
  • Chakra Balancing & Healing
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Connecting You To Your Purpose In Life
  • Visioning
  • Positive Psychology & Perceptual Correction
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Activating Self Love
  • Forgiveness Practice
  • Setting Boundaries Energetically & Cognitively