Thank you for your interest in my work. My first Book, “Live a Purposeful Life with Passion” was published in 2011. My second Book, “The Loving Light Within” was published in 2012. My latest book that I’m extremely excited about is called: “Authentic Being-Your Soul’s deepest secrets” . These are extremely inspiring collections of short writings, my spiritual insights, motivational quotes, positive affirmations, and my perception about life, the universe, and our relationship to ourselves with others in existence. They are thought provoking, life changing, intuitive, and compassionately written after my daily morning meditation, uplifting thousands through my social media. Authentic Being is published in September of 2014.



You are meant for greatness. You have a divine destiny that is waiting to be manifested through your Authentic Self. As a spiritual being having a temporary human incarnation, you have a mandate to live a life of significance. Your beautiful Soul yearns to be remembered while you are activating your potentials. The secrets of your Soul are hidden deep within your heart and can be tapped into through daily meditation. Once you awaken to the power within, you’ll realize that you have arrived all along. You will experience a knowing that there is absolutely nothing missing in you. [+] Read More


Your challenges are areas in your life that are inviting you to take a deeper look at yourself, how you view your circumstances, and how effectively you deal with them. At any moment, you have a choice to either be a host to God or hostage to your mind driven EGO. This means that as a spiritual being having a human incarnation, you have the power and the choice to co-create your destiny by clearing up your inner link with source energy. Your loving light within (soul) stems from healing energies of forgiveness, unconditional love, inspiration, happiness, purpose, gratitude, and eternal peace. [+] Read More


Words are truly powerful. Positive thinking is the ability to believe in yourself even at the toughest of times when your surroundings are not supportive. These selections of quotes and affirmations have the capacity to change your life. At any moment, you can choose a quote, reflect on its meaning and say the accompanying affirmation out loud to help you connect with your inner being. May you be blessed with health, wealth, happiness, love, joy, and long lasting peace! [+] Read More