life-coaching-seminar“Dr. Rod does help create miracles! I was having a hard time getting pregnant. I was perfectly ok medically but mentally and spiritually I felt there was a blockage. That is when I decided to call Rod. He worked with me every week to help clear the negativity, that was keeping me away from my dream of becoming a mother. He was sensitive, understanding and honest in the path I feared to open up to. I felt like I was detoxing the past and making room for the future. After working with him for only a month I found out I was pregnant! I was over the moon! Rod helped me make my dreams into a reality. I wanted to thank Rod from the bottom of my heart. Rod you truly are a special soul. Whoever gets a chance to work with you is truly in for a life changing experience.”


Los Angeles, CA


“Dr. Rod is an amazing coach, healer, Dr. & Teacher. As a coach myself, it is recommended that I too have a coach. I have had several different coaches and Dr. Rod is the best coach that I have had in the past 8 years of coaching. I love the fact that Dr. Rod has a back ground in medicine and uses his knowledge both in the western medical field and Eastern Philosophy in his coaching and healing. Dr. Rod is a natural healer, I strongly recommend him for coaching and healing. Thank you Dr. Rod for supporting me in raising my vibration. I love the coaching sessions, meditations, affirmations, & books. Thank you for sharing your light and love with the world.”

Heather Allie Wilson

New York, New York


“Working with Dr. Rod has been a great blessing to me. I am so glad that I started this journey two months ago. I can not express how grateful I am. He is a beautiful LIGHT messenger. He has a wonderful talent. Yet, he has been supportive, gentle and compassionate. A great listener with no judgment. He listens deeply. Dr. Rod has creative ideas. I have been surprised as to how I constantly felt and how peaceful I found myself at the end of each session. He focuses on what is important to you and finds ways to make the breakthroughs you want to make. Listening deeply, empowering, encouraging, motivating and supporting are part of each section. He provides a safe loving space where you go very deeply within yourself. It clears the emotional challenges and brings CALM and simple JOY. I feel like I never really knew how much more there was to life and love. Now, I often get the sense that the entire universe is nothing but LOVE.
I was carrying a lot of baggage and I have been able to release them effortlessly. I feel lighter literally. I feel so different on the inside now. I have stronger sense of being the creator and director of my own day to day life. I feel more powerful in the choices I make.
I look forward every day to read Dr. Rod’s daily affirmations and notes also. They are inspiring. It brings me peace, joy and smile.
This special “WALK” with you will always stay in my heart.
Thank you”

Karmen H. Gharakhani

Glendale, CA


“I highly recommend Dr. Pezeshki to everyone. No matter how great your life is, you still need a wonderful coach, healer or a friend like Dr. Pezeshki to walk you toward the light! I am so glad that I have started this journey. While dealing with a great challenge in my life, he has been walking and helping me with my awakening, spiritual growth and getting to know my Real self. He has been a great influence in my life. I am so grateful to God for bringing such an amazing, kind, caring, compassionate, humble, loving, joyful person into my life. You are a treasure and a rich blessing Dr. Pezeshki. Thank you so much!”

Yas Soroush

Vienna, Virginia


“Sometimes you arrive at a place in life that gets you questioning all you are and done… And you are stuck. This is the point that Dr. Rod entered my life. Timing is everything. He has coached me through the pitfalls of life and those created in my mind and helped me get a different perspective on how to handle situations. He gives me small helpful hints on what to do so when situations arise that make me anxious or fearful I now know how to flow around them better. Psychologists have tried to do it and missed the point. I did not need analyzing. I needed someone to say do this when you feel this. Do that when you experience or see that coming. Who knew so simple ideas transformed everything! When I revert to old habits I pick up his book and refresh my mind with his affirmations. I just open a random page and read it. They help me refocus and again align myself. I often tell him that his daily blogs seem to address themselves directly and only to me while I know thousands of us who read them think the same thing. The time I have been in his presence is absolutely worth every penny I have invested into our project. The rewards are immeasurable. Fine tuning the new me to go on and cope with the world for another forty or fifty years is worth a lot! To me!!!! I Thank you.”

Vera Sohni Kratochwill

Simi Valley, Ca


I was first introduced to Dr Rod through a friend who suggested I read his book “The Loving Light Within”. The book completely resonated with me, so wanting to further my journey of healing the inner self I went to a group Healing/Charkra Balancing session with Dr Rod. The result was so positive for me that I decided to book a personal session with Dr Rod. I went to my appointment with an open heart & mind, not really sure what was going to happen but from my experience so far I completely trusted Dr Rod. I felt very comfortable and safe; not anxious at all as we went through the motions of the session. The actual help I received through this time with Dr R was extraordinary. It was a wonderful experience that relinquished so much inner pain that I had been holing on to. I ended the session feeling almost euphoric! Dr Rod has a unique gift that is pure and authentic. I can honestly say I highly recommend him.”

Susan Georgiev

Los Angeles, Ca


“Dr. Rod is a fantastic spiritual coach. I ran into him at Starbucks at a time when I needed his help and guidance in my life. He was very sincere in taking his time to speak with me and listen to my problems. There after, I signed up in his program for a one on one session and ended up purchasing his full coaching package. He taught me how to meditate, center myself, and helped me see the world from a different perspective. He taught me how to heal myself and deal with the loss of my twin brother, as well as other personal challenges I was having. I  recommend him to any one who is going through rough times which we all sometimes do. Rod knows how to guide and encourage you in a way of life that you will always carry with as a practice.”

Dorita Yaroushlim

Los Angeles, Ca


“Rod Pezeshki is a beautiful presence. Rod is thoughtful, patient and an incredible coach. The safety he creates for me to open to deeper and more vulnerable levels of my concerns is extraordinary. Once engaged with my challenges, he serves as a guide, leading me into new possibilities to resolve what I have been unable to resolve on my own. Working with Dr. Rod is an amazing way to get movement and progress on those nagging things that you’ve been meaning to change about your life. I recently did some work with Dr. Rod and found him to be very present and authentic. I would recommend him to anyone who feels stuck in their life. I love and respect him. His spiritual soul makes my days much more beautiful!!!!!You are incredible my friend.”

Roya Moini

Los Angeles, Ca


“I chose to work with Dr. Rod Pezeshki because I was interested in addressing chronic health concerns. I have experienced tremendous improvement in my health in just two weeks, and he has been encouraging, inspiring and extremely intuitive. I now see beyond the immediate concerns and am beginning to embrace a vision of healing and health that has transformed the way I walk through the world.”

Kara Hunnicutt

Ellensburg, Washington



“I have joined some of Dr Rod ‘s meditation classes, I enjoyed the classes , and they helped me a lot to heal my mind and body . The energy , environment and the knowledge which is transmitted in the classes and the level of awareness are pure and of a high vibration.The teachings in the classes are so useful and helps the healing of the emotional and physical body. It really raises the level of energy and awareness, including deep relaxation. Forgiveness is a very important key point teaching in the classes , and is vital for moving forward , without it raising the level of awareness s impossible. I mean maybe you work on yourself but you ll easily be vulnerable and will come back to your previous state without working on forgiveness part. I had also a private teaching class with Dr. Rod. He took my attention to very important areas of my life . I have different experiences with meditation masters . However, I like his level of awareness, his way of thinking, teaching, and all of the key points he mentions are very true , practical and effective. He is great in his way. I Wish him the best always.”

Dr. Leila Ettefagh
Los Angeles, Ca


“I came to Dr. Pezeshki for his knowledge and because he is able to utilize both the Eastern and Western approach to healing. He was patient and he was able to dissect and pin point with clarity what areas I needed to work on without any judgement, just pure love and respect for your soul. I highly recommend Dr. Rod, he is compassionate and patient and extremely knowledgeable. I felt so much better and much more empowered.”

Marjan Mamooie

Los Angeles, Ca


“Through out my 43 years of life, I have experienced many up and downs .My passion to learn about myself and my connection to my higher self always encouraged me to go to many work shops, classes, and even retreats. I would sit down in meditation for many hours and still do this practice daily. I found out that the most beautiful and complete work of mastery is done by my brother, Rod, who is 4 years younger than me but thousands of years older at soul level. I am so proud to say that my brother, Dr.Rod, has changed and touched so many lives world wide. I have people who stop me to share their life changing experiences made possible through his coaching and spiritual healing skills. His special guided Chakra healing meditation with Reiki blows my mind away. Im so grateful for being able to write my testimonial and consider myself as one lucky soul.”

Shadi Pezeshki

West Hills, California


“Dr. Rod Pezeshki is a dear Mentor, Author/Spiritual Healer/Life Coach that I have been blessed to know at a personal and professional level for the past few years. His inspirational work and teachings have helped people around the world and his writings and blogs get viewed by thousands of his followers every day. Since I have had the pleasure of knowing him, I have seen several cases of Healing and Coaching that have saved lives.
I recommend Dr. Rod Pezeshki to my friends and family because I know they will be in a Loving and Caring hand.”


Dr. Noushin Nikfarjam

Brentwood, Californai


“Thank you Rod for your Presence. Thank you for your Energy. Thank you for the wonderful lessons that you bring, and the examples that you set. Thank you for the helping hand that you lend, for the generous soul that you have, the energizing power that you give off, and the powerful inspiration that you invoke…
I am so proud to be working with you, to have you at my side, to have you as my counsel, and to have you as my sounding board…”

~ Alaleh Kamran

Los Angeles, CA


“Rod Pezeshki is a spiritual person. Spirituality is part of his fiber, part of his soul, it flows from his heart like life giving blood, but this is just one of his many exceptional qualities. He pours a lifetime of learning, experience, and devotion into his writings and his coaching abilities. In his writings he constantly connect you with your inner being, make you question your inner intent and how to make your everyday being more positive. He reminds you everyday of your purpose of life. He surely has passed the test of life. His one on one coaching connect you with your creator and guide you on climbing towards your higher being. Climb up with him. It will enrich you infinitely!

Special is a definition that describes someone who makes a difference in life of others, some one who is caring, generous, giving, understanding, exceptional, kind. Special describes someone who goes millions of miles out of their way to help others. you are a combination of all blended together and I want to say thank you for inviting us to go along to the places your journey took you, thank you for nourishing my inner self and filling the emptiness in betweens by reaching out and holding our hands. Thank you for opening a new door to a new view on life and I wanna tell you how lucky I am to have been given the gift of knowing how special you are!”

~ Marjan Kasheri

Los Angeles, Ca


“Rod Pezeshki has made a significant difference in many lives including mine. While dealing with the greatest challenge of my life, he’s been a constant catalyst for my awakening, spiritual growth, and realizing my power within and higher being. Through his techniques, not only he opens up a door to a new reality and understanding, he helps clients, build a practical and realistic path forward. He is a natural, a real deal!

His intuition and insight, guide him to the healing and uplifting of not just his clients, but everyone who has the pleasure of interacting with him through his website. With his daily words of wisdom and affirmations, he has his own unique way of promoting the concept of “Live a Purposeful Life with Passion”. He lives it. How inspirational and encouraging!

His innovative forward thinking mind, gentle manner, compassion and empathy towards all, along with his unique insight, never cease to amaze me. Those qualities make him excellent at what he does.
I have truly been blessed to have known you in the process of my grief. Thank you for feeling my pain, holding my hand, walking with me through this journey and coaching me through my path. Thank you for helping me to recognize and to work on finding my strength within. Please keep up the good work. The universe needs you and people like you.”

~ Nooshin Natanzadeh

Los Angeles, CA


“Rod Pezeshki carries a vibrantly open heart. When I speak with him and read his writings, the love comes through as a felt sense. He has generously and passionately shared his gifts with me, demonstrating a depth of compassion and a lifelong commitment to being an agent of positive, creative change in the world. Rod models a life of “waging peace” in his world. His training as a medical doctor enhances his credibility, serving to ground him in technical knowledge and illustrating his strong work ethic. His energy, enthusiasm and zest for life is delightfully contagious. Rod has my wholehearted recommendation.”

~ Glenna Erickson Bain

Ellensburg, Washington


“I Love You Rod. And you have been a great influence in my life!!! Just keep on being you because you are changing lives. Reaching people you don’t even know. You have been chosen by God to spread His Great Spirit to spread throughout this place we know as Earth. I pray everyday for Ariel’s recovery, God sent you to him as his personal Gardian Angel, and look how far he has come since Jan.

It was just year and a half ago when I had my stroke, and God sent you into my life!!! So you are my Angel too!! You were my inspiration, guide, to keep on I can conquer this. And Live A Purposeful Life with Passion!!! I have and now I can walk again, talk again, dress myself again, drive a car again!!! So a Big Thank You for all your encouragement and loving words during that time. I believe in my heart, God placed you in my life at that time so I would be here today to share this testimony. Rod, you have a special place in my heart that beats only for you. God Bless You. Still Smiling. **Namaste**

Keeping Ariel’s recovery and your hard work in my prayers. Amen”

~ Paula Cullum-Gore

Marlow, Oklahoma


“Sometimes it doesn’t take long to get to see the goodness of a few who are very special. Rod Pezeshki is one of those people. He voluntarily spent countless hours helping me and my friend deal with our tragedy. Rod inspires with a very positive attitude and his beautiful soul shines through in the way he truly cares about people. He has a gift of knowing how to teach me to connect to my inner strength and to deal with my challenges in a more positive manner.”

~ Shala Maghen

Brentwood, California


“There is so much to be said about Rod Pezeshki …
His dedication to personal growth
His great knowledge of the conscious world
His proactive attitude towards every situation life unfolds
His daily blogs of inspiration and wisdom
His quotes to awaken the mind and the soul
His compassion towards every living being
His vibrational energy that flows within each of us
His grand impact in our universe
… and so much moreAll of which are evident in his amazing book of affirmations “Live a Purposeful Life With Passion” that I turn to on a regular basis for inspiration and guidance.All I could say is “thank you, thank you, … and thank you” for being who you are and for making the difference that you do every moment of every day.”

~ Rebecca Kohan

Author of “Yes I Can! ORGANIZE”



“Rod is an amazing individual that has the ability to bring love, warmth and smiles to everyone that he comes in contact with. He has the ability to share love with those that he does not know, even knowing that it may not be reciprocated, which takes a special individual. He is able to give the encouragement and enlightenment that a person is in need of at the time to help better their lives. Rod is also a true person that may experience the same bumps in the road as any other individual but he has the ability to rise above the moments that brings the bumps by his faith in the Universe, the love of his family and the support of his friends. He truly does live by his “Live a Purposeful Life With Passion.”

Much Love and Blessings your way Rod.”

~ Davina Maurer

Bad Axe, Michigan


“Rod is someone with an open heart who knows how to make a difference. Too many people have hardships in their lives and Rod senses this naturally. I’ve seen him several times helping someone to get up with confidence.I’m not sure how he does that but I would sure like to have him living not far from where I live. I can’t keep him for myself so stay open and if you need help be sure that he is a helping hand.Keep your special gift. The world needs you.”

Much love,
Peter Clerin
Quebec city, Canada


“Rod is an amazing person and an even more amazing coach. He has helped my husband and myself in many situations and taught us how to live again.

We highly recommend Rod as a life coach.”

Mitra & Ramin Guilani
Encino, California


“Dear Rod,

No matter how tough my day maybe, I always get a boost of energy and passion for living through all my daily obstacles everytime I read one of your postings on facebook. I really appreciate your zest for life and your talent in putting everything in perspective for me to realise what REALLY MATTERS! Thank you for being such brilliant guiding beacon! “

Your Biggest Fan,
Nick Nekoo, Los Angeles


“I feel so fortunate and grateful knowing that I can always find meaningful inspiration from the messages posted on Live a Purposeful Life with Passion!
I am drawn to this site because I choose to look at life through rose-colored glasses. I don’t live in a dream world. I am not naïve. I’ve enjoyed tremendous personal and professional success. The life lessons I share come from well earned experience.
I know that we are never free from circumstances or conditions – that’s life – but whatever conditions confront us, the way we react is up to us. We get to choose our thoughts. We always have choices.
We can choose HOW to look at any situation, no matter what it is. We have an array of options at our fingertips, when it comes to our reactions, views and perspectives. We can choose thoughts that are inspiring and empowering. We can think about ways to persevere and overcome, or we can become victims. We can think about our life as a gift, or we can view it as a punishment. We can go through life with determination and zest, or drag ourselves through every day as if we are tied to a ball and chain.
Since we can’t always change the circumstances or the situation, I love knowing that we can control our attitude or our thoughts about it. For me, that means I choose to take a favorable view, even if I have to grasp at straws to find a glimmer of positivity. I will find a way to focus on the positives, look at the bright side, expect the best, and somehow remain optimistic.
As people, our power lies in how we respond to the circumstances which face us in our life. The circumstances can be looked at from many different angles. Even if you are grasping at straws, you must find something positive to focus on. Positivity breeds positivity.
The messages on this site remind us to choose hope instead of despair; to choose acceptance as opposed to judgment or rejection; to choose forgiveness rather than holding a grudge; to recognize opportunities to learn and grow. The messages reinforce truth and honesty, happiness, joy, smiling, laughter, gratitude and appreciation.
The messages remind us to dream, to visualize, to imagine, to believe, to be persistent, and to never give up.
I have recommended this site to everyone I know.”

Lynda Weinberg Fishman… Author of “Repairing Rainbows”
Toronto, Ontario


“Rod was a great source of inspiration and peace when I first connected with him about a year ago, and he continues to be a great source of daily inspiration through his community, as well as being a catalyst for other spiritually aware individuals to come out and share their knowledge, passions and insights. It’s not every day that I come across people as noble and as willing to serve others as Rod, not to mention having a very high level of personal integrity. I HIGHLY recommend Rod’s book as well, it will be a constant source of inspiration!”

~ Fabio Secaira, CPC


“I brought up your website Rod and when I see the picture of you and your beautiful Soul Mate Bahareh my heart smiles. You help teach me to love myself and the Universe that I am in. You promote growth, understanding, love of one’s self and of the world we are in. What you bring to me daily is a reprieve of from my old thinking. You bring Love and Understanding of what I want to think and remember. You are humble and nurturing. Your affirmations that you share daily help keep me thinking in the moment and to look at life challenges as opportunities. The way you express yourself in your words is with love and compassion. I believe if more people were like you and Bahareh this world would be a much more loving, open place. Also what I like you are very open spiritually and not dogma. I don’t know if I expressed it right, but it is like I can be your friend and not worry about you judging me. You are there no matter what. Rod you are blessed with such a calmness and light within and you share it. I am so grateful to have you as one of my friends. I look forward to seeing everyday what you have to say. Don’t ever stop or let anyone take your kindness away. You have a wonderful spirit and you share it well. You are a part of me, a part of the essence of this Universe.. I wish I was better at express myself so maybe I wouldn’t have to use so many words to express myself!!! Thank you Rod for being part of my growth and healing. With much respect, Denise :O) Namaste”

~ Denise Smith Brooks


“Rod speaks from the heart, and his authenticity comes through because of the wisdom he has gained from his unique set of life experiences. I look forward to reading his facebook updates because I know I will learn something from each one. I also know Rod personally, and can say wholeheartedly that he has tremendous amounts of kindness and love for his family and friends. That shows through in person as well as online. I know that he is AND he will be a great guide and advisor for many, and that his wisdom will keep growing (despite the fact that he keeps looking younger every year!).”

~ Saba


“There is an energy that sadly, we experience mostly in times of collective tragedy. It’s an energy where the human spirit is exalted, when eyes truly become windows for your soul and your actions are all about kindness to others. What would Earth be like if this energy never faded?. Humankind has been blessed with samples of brave men and women that choose to live their lives fighting for this energy to stay alive. People, that have learned to wisely use this energy in all shapes and forms, where the ultimate goal is only to share it; foster the entity that the power of human spirit is simply divine, relentless and remarkably miraculous. Dear Rod, you have a gift of making your soul almost palpable by my spirit. With your life you have showed me that true living is only experienced when love is not restrained and our minds are in constant thirst for greatness. You and Bahareh, have made my dreams tangible with your quilt of love and inspiration. You have reminded me that I already have the most colossal advantage in my own journey; the breath of life. I have been blessed to witness true love when your eyes are fixed in your lovely Bahareh; another gift itself. So with much humbleness, honor and the out most respect, I am privileged to tell you, that thou lives are a gift to mine. I treasure the moments when my weakened spirit has been lifted by your love for life. So until our language comes up with another word to express gratefulness, a simple “thank you” will have to suffice… “medicine man”!

~ Gigi


“Hi Rod,
I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have inspired me throughout the years. Every day, I read your quotes and every single time I tell myself:”Wow, this is the way we should all be thinking!” You are the living definition of all these words: honesty, humbleness, compassion, peace, joy, cooperation, kindness, perseverance, and success. I admire you tremendously and I am so proud to have you as my friend.
Thank you for existing and making a difference in my world.”

~ Khatereh Tabatabaee


“Hey Rod,
I’ve known you for many years now. Perhaps the one thing that stands out the most about you, is your positive view about life and your surroundings. As easy as it may for most of us to critically evaluate situations and offer our “good” criticism, you always manage to see the cup half full. Your insight in making difficult situations seem manageable is a gift. You always inject life with happiness and serenity; turning a normal situation into a pleasant and cherishable moment. Your vibrant personality is infectious. You are much fun to be with, and you are knowledgeable about so many topics.When viewing my facebook news updates, I always look for your messages. I’m surprised there are so many positive updates that can be placed on such frequent basis. It definitely makes the day that much more pleasant and worth remembering.Make sure to keep on smiling. It’s so much fun hanging out with you. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.”

~ Armin


“It is wonderful to know there are people in this world who have a passion and desire to step out and speak from the heart to teach others how to live a life with passion every day. Rod you are one of those people. You have a goodness in you and it comes through in your daily quotes and postings that you put on your page every day. I love reading your posts because for one I can identify with them and say Yes how true is that…and also it inspires me to go deeper in my thinking and my actions. you have a wonderful gift and you are using it well.”

~ Cindy Cook


“I met Rod on facebook due to our mutual interest in personal development and spirituality. His daily inspirational words and quotes depicts a thorough grasp of how the concepts of belief, attitude and aptitude can change a human life. Thanks for sharing love and passion with me.”

~ Olu Jatto


“One of the many things I do in the morning is check my Facebook, no matter what my mood may be your status always seems to uplift me and give me positive energy throughout my day, the words you share are inspiring and every person can surely relate to every single post. I look forward each day to see what you have posted and how I can better improve my life and myself each day at a time. I feel like you are not only sharing these words but you are validating them as well by putting them into effect in your own life.
Thank you for taking the time to do this everyday!”

~ Nikta

Los Angeles, CA


“Thanks Rod for sharing, with all of us, your beautiful and optimistic messages. You have an uncanny ability to share the exact piece of inspiration that I need – at the exact time that I need it.

My best wishes, for You, always!”

~ Greg Hirsch


“First, I’m grateful to know you on Facebook.
I had searched a purpose to live my life for long and read various kinds of spiritual or religious books for long, which gave me wisdom and strength to survive in this materialized modern world. But still, I was back and force mentally through experience in my path.Then I met you on Facebook and your words with passion of life give me extra essences to utilize those wisdom practically and efficiently. What’s more, I am always inspired with your continuous daily efforts to share your heart with us. Your words make me move with resonance of life force as if they were nutrition, multi-vitamin for soul. Thank you, again.”

~ Mami Nakae



“I would like to thank Rod Pezeshki for a beautiful start to each day of my life! Somehow we met on Facebook. I love to live my life in peace, trusting that the universe will bring me whatever I need. His daily motivating thoughts give a blessed start to each of my days. Thank you Rod.”

~ Celia Hogan

Sious Falls, South Dakota


“Hi Rod,
I am a mother of two, wife, full time IT manager and life although sweet can get too busy and difficult at times. For some reason, I absolutely hate change, and accepting it in life is very difficult for me. When things get tough and changes are inevitable, your posts remind me of what is important in life and how to stay positive and march forward. I do appreciate your positive energy and hope I have only people like you surrounding me in life. May god bring you peace, health and happiness. Thank you my Facebook friend.”

~ Mastaneh Marcie Kahbody

Folsom, Ca


“Hello my friend,
I am writing this message today to thank you wholeheartedly for the terrific work you do helping others on this journey..The Love and Light that is conveyed through your writings is palpable, and can only but inspire all who has the privilege of reading them.Everyday your positive attitude and affirmations will lift the Heart and Spirit of somebody who needs that little guidance.. I speak from experience )Through the positivity created we can take it into our daily lives and use it to facilitate in the manifestation of our futures.. The future is bright by the way )I realize that life has many challenges, and I have encountered a plethora of these, but with the right positive attitude we as Beings can thrive and will thrive..I am honored to walk with you on this path and open my heart to all that enters my life…
Namaste ) xx”

~ Robert John Sutherland
Glasgow, United Kingdom


“1st of all, I would like to Thank You, Rod, for inviting me into a small part of your big world. It means volumes to me and speaks volumes of you. Reading your quotes & affirmations in the mornings are quite uplifting & motivational. I can tell that you speak from your heart & that you truly are a genuine person. You are encouraging and have a positive attitude and, at times, I sense a humor in you. A BIG plus! Continue to keep your sense of self &, again, Thank You for your encouraging words to us. I am sure they carry many of us through the day. Always keep a smile in your heart, even when it hurts. i know you care.”

~ Elaine Dwyer


“Rod Pezeshki, I feel honored to be counted as one of YOUR friends. Your ability to make me smile every day, is one of the facets of God’s nature. You are an inspired young man who believes in himself AND the people you connect with. This should not surprise me as I AM aware of the effect of MIRRORS and Reflections and YOU Rod, in all your posts reflect just who you ARE…….Peace, harmony, gratitude, love, appreciation, thanksgiving, wisdom, clarity and The I AM. Yes! I dance with faith as my partner, and due to who YOU are within, I am drawn. to your beauty of spirit. I have found that when I reflect beauty it is reflected back at me by all the beautiful people that I AM meeting, You being one of them. Thank you Rod for allowing ME into your space, and for sharing such gems of wisdom and love. I am honored and GOD in me honors GOD (YAHWEH – THE I AM) in YOU. Namaste’…Shalom:)”

Linda van der Byl
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


“Rod has the unique ability to shift my core be it with a few short words, quotes or sentences. Rod’s perspective is always the right chemistry of a dose of reality and his passion is evident in his inspirational, positive and uplifting words. He is able to take what every day life throws at us and spin it into a nurturing and upbeat quote which makes you step back and see life from a simple angle.”

~ Maureen Longland
Brantford, Ontario


“It is no accident that I met Rod Pezeshki and Bahareh. I have been studying Farsi and Arabic, and have been a decades-long fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer. Rod-joon liked one of my comments to Dr Dyer-and we became Facebook friends about 3-4 months ago. I was VERY impressed with his personal website, thinking “THIS is a real person!!!!,” and I have been getting his daily affirmations from his website since then. Many of the affirmations are familiar, because they ALL come from the same SOURCE. What has amazed me is how many times a particular affirmation has just happened to be EXACTLY the piece of wisdom and the VERY reminder I have needed that day. I always try to be a life-long student of life, and Rod’s website helps me daily on this path of love, joy, humor, and service to others. God/the Godess bless you and Bahareh. Peace and Love always, baradaram.”

~ Dr. James Allan Gardner Jr., Ph.D
Foxborough, Massachusetts


“Stumbling upon Rod’s Live with Passion was truly a gift in surprise.
We share positivity, Rod however takes sharing to a new & valued level.
The effort taken by him to ensure the messages are personal & delivered with such love, the timing ever so real. Makes me smile each time I read & helps me through my days.
I gladly pass these precious nuggets around the world, as others need them too.
Forever grateful & Thank you very much Rod “

~ Emma Carlton
Durham, Durham


“I have been studying the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer for almost 20 years and when I joined Facebook, I saw a “Peace” sign as a profile picture and clicked on it. I can’t express enough how fortunate I feel to have had the intuition to click on that symbol and find the spiritual postings, affirmations, encouragements and beautiful videos by Rod. I immediately connected with the spirituality of his messages. Each day I continued to read what Rod had to say and watch the very soothing and beautiful videos he shared with others on Facebook. I look forward everyday to Rod’s inspirational words, thoughts, affirmations, meditations and devotionals. Thank you Rod for all you share and I wish you much love and light on your very special journey. Namaste.”

~ Barbara Stansfield
Phoenix, Arizona


“Souls of light are often drawn to each other, and by some greater force I saw your light shining in the midst of my darkness. I was suffering with the loss of one of the greatest loves I had ever known, my mother, and in such a time light is what I had forgotten. Searching to renew and rebuild the beauty I had known life to be, the Divine with mercy lead me to you. The words you expressed so passionately, emerged from the screen, wrapping around my frailty, hugging me, giving me hope. Often times your words would meet my falling tears and I would be reminded to bear a heart of gratefulness even in the midst of my experience. Just as time has relieved my sorrow, your messages have eased in my time of pain, blessed me in times of joy, and continue to raise my consciousness whenever I read them. I believe that all relationships have purpose and somehow help define a deeper part of self. A process greater than the individuals experiencing it, but a part of a deeper more complex pattern of life. Being able to attract those living Love into your life is energy at its highest density, something that I will forever be grateful to the Universe for. Not only have you made an impression on my life, but you have helped me rediscover the importance of connectedness. So thank you for your Light, and for being a voice that adds so much richness to the lives of others.
The God in me sees the God in you,”

~ Sheriece Hicks, RN
Savannah Georgia


“Dear Rod,
Only since a couple of months I’m an active member on Facebook (been member for a couple of years though) and you immediately caught my attention with your daily quotes!!! Some I knew already others were new to me and I could learn from you. I remember a few occasions when you were late in delivering your daily message and I was about to ‘buzz’ you with: where are you now. Haha.Your mission in life is so very obvious to me and I think it’s awesome that a young man like yourself has such a wisdom, compassion, Love etc coming right from your heart. Because that’s what it is all about: unconditional Love and Oneness. People like you bring Light into the world and people’s heart. It really brings Hope for the future of all peoples and our planet.Let your quotes role out every day for the joy and lightbulb moments of the FB family. I wish you all success with your first book (not the last though ). But above all continue your wonderful work, the Earthly as well as the Spiritual one. Remain yourself and trust your intuition – always!!
Blessings, love and respect”

~ Mariann Soeterik-Hoffmann
Hoofddorp, Netherlands


“Dear Rod,
I have only one word…AMAZING ! This is where my day starts every day ! What an blessing and great honor it is for me to be part of this group ! I am getting positively inspired each day…sometimes i feel very down and out but there is always something here to lift me out of the darkness !FB will never be the same without you…my whole world turned around since i met you here !
Thank you so much for having me on your group…it is an absolute honor !”

Warm greetings from South Africa.
~ Conrad