Spiritual Life Coach

Dr. Rod Pezeshki , Spiritual Life Coach

Author, Spiritual Life coach, Meditation, Reiki, and Natural Healing

Find a Spiritual Life Coach is a unique way for a person to deal with everyday life challenges. Everyone at any point of their journey will come to across road where they find themselves facing problems. Sometimes, these problems are so overwhelming that you will not be able to handle it on your own. This is why Find a Life Coach Los Angeles can be of significant value to walk you through and guide you to find answers.

Spiritual Life Coach
Spiritual Life Coach

Dr. Rod is a trained in medical sciences in origin. He has a Medical Degree from New York Medical College. He also has broad knowledge in psychology. As a natural healer using Reiki and Faradarmani, Dr. Pezeshki is able to help his clients with any challenges they are facing. These can be at physical, emotional, or spiritual level.  Life Coach Los Angeles believes in practice in meditation. Meditation is paying un-distracted attention to reality. One becomes aware of their thoughts in order to bypass their ego based drama of everyday life.

Dr. Pezeshki offers affordable rates on consultation. Spiritual Life Coach is able help anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, weight problems, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, relationship issues, divorce, loss of a loved one, and chronic medical diseases. These are several of the many challenges where a Life Coach Los Angeles can be effective in helping clients with.

As an author, Dr. Rod is there to inspire and motivate his followers on his blog and social media. Spiritual Life Coach is an amazing source of inspiration. These writings include the spiritual teachings based on Eastern philosophy. They also include teachings for ancient wisdom, new thought spiritual principles. By meditating, changing the way you look at life from a negative perspective to optimistic view, and shifting your perception, one can change their lives for the better. As a Spiritual Life Coach, we are dedicated to serve this purpose for our clients.

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