Meet Dr. Rod

Dr. Rod Pezeshki

Dr. Rod Pezeshki is an ordinary guy with a mission and vision of life that knows is his calling.  His actual name is Shahrad, which in Farsi means ‘A Young Prince’ and his last name in Farsi means ‘medicine’, or Pezeshki.  Dr. Rod Pezeshki was born abroad and came to United States when he was 10 years of age.  He has been blessed with an incredible family.  

Dr. Rod Pezeshki  grew up in a conservative Jewish family and the turning point of his life was when a group of thugs attacked him on the first day of high school.  He was so disappointed that he demanded from his parents to enroll him in a private school.  As a result, he ended up in a private orthodox Jewish school, Valley Torah High School.  There, he had an honor to learn about Judaism on a daily basis.  His interest though became more about the spirituality aspects of Judaism. Dr. Rod connected with a great Rabbi who taught him the principles of Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah.  The journey for his inner transformation began here:

“After graduating high school with the top honors, I ended up at  California State University, Northridge where I chose to study Biology.  I was inspired to become a physician and use my scientific knowledge in service to humanity.  I had this dream to become a healer from a very young age.  I thought that Medical School was the answer to that dream.  However, towards the end of my studies, I took a Psychology course that taught Modern Western Psychology through Eastern Philosophy.  I was amazed by my professor, Dr. Roger Moss, to whom I always extend my deepest gratitude for my biggest breakthrough in life.  I loved learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and so forth.  It was a fresh opening for me, a new discovery.  Therefore, I continued to study Psychology and did further Soul searching.  Regardless of this new frontier, I followed my dream of becoming a doctor as well.  This journey prepared me to become more of my authentic Self as it unfolded.”

Dr. Rod Pezeshki had the pleasure of studying abroad at UAG Medical School where he learned to speak Spanish, lived in a very unique environment, and worked in the poorest areas of the world.  Guadalajara, Mexico became his new home.  His new life became very challenging for him to adapt and handle.  Being in a long distance relationship and the pressures of keeping up with medical school’s demand led Dr. Rod into severe depression:

“I found myself trapped in my own thoughts.  I was hopeless, lacked self worth, couldn’t sleep, lost a lot of weight, couldn’t concentrate, had low self esteem, and couldn’t enjoy life.  Experiencing this for the first time, I didn’t know how to handle my feelings.  I battled through my emotional challenges and career until I finished Medical School.  This journey motivated me to do lots of personal development work on myself.  I started reading spiritual books, listened to thousands of hours of motivational speakers, learned how to meditate, did affirmations, and completely changed my energy field from negative into positive.  As I faced my new self , I became stronger to never give up.  I was encouraged to become more disciplined, inspired, and find my TRUE ESSENCE.

Along this path, he had many beautiful souls who helped reshaping him into discovering his true IDENTITY which is a “spiritual being having a temporary human incarnation.  His life’s path further took him to New York in order to finish his Medical Internship Doctorate program from New York Medical College  Dr Rod successfully finished all of his United States medical board exams.  Check out Dr. Rod’s Credentials.  Gratefully, he changed his direction from continuing into completing a medical residency and chose to follow his PASSION:

  “My dream of becoming a physician led me to my inner calling, destiny, and purpose in life:  An intention to love, to heal, to inspire, and to be abundantly wealthy for myself and others in order to raise the collective cosmic consciousness.  I intend to heal and change the world for the better.



Dr. Rod’s Mission and Goal in Life

Through his self journey and practice with the life visioning process at Agape, Dr. Rod Pezeshki has connected to his purpose in life.  He is clear about his mission and lives it daily.  It is to “reflect and reveal the Divine through his life. This is what I mean by knowing my ‘calling’ and I can help you get connected to yours!”. 

“Living a purposeful life with passion is my goal in life.  I turned my life around when I started looking within for solutions, rather than looking outwards.  My life transformed when I began to understand that I am more, I deserve to treat myself better, and that I am good enough.  I changed my habits, and chose better habits. As I changed from within, I realized that my circumstances changed from without.  The more I became detached from my Ego, the more I felt oneness with the universe.  I am a promoter of peace and positive energy.  My purpose in life is to serve others, through my career, or through the smallest deeds.”

To quote Lao Tzu, Great acts are made up of small deeds…”I believe that our creator has intended for us to give, to share, to love, and to be great role models and excellent human beings.  We have great responsibilities, and I believe that in our generation we have to be proactive.  Realizing the world around us is nothing more or nothing less than the reflection of what we have become from within.  Thus, we must become the very things we choose to experience in our life…peace, abundance, success, well-being, generosity, compassion, and above all LOVE!”

My goal is to spread this message: Live a Purposeful Life with Passion!!”

Dr. Rod’s Books & Programs

In 2011, Dr. Rod published his first book: “Live a Purposeful Life with Passion”.  His  second book The Loving Light Within came out in 2012 and finally, his best seller was published in 2014, : “Authentic Being-Your Soul’s Hidden Secrets”.

He is a spiritual healer helping people heal through their dis-ease of the body/mind/ and the soul.  He is also an inspirational life coach.  Dr. Rod Pezeshki  connects with his clients locally,  globally, and internationally to help them on their journey of self discovery.  He also practices ancient wisdom new age philosophy with his teacher at Agape International Spiritual Center, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

His favorite teachers in the personal development studies include Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Ekhrat Tolle, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsch, and Luis Hays.  Each author has influenced him in their unique way. Dr. Rod Pezeshki also practices and teaches a powerful meditation called ‘JAPA’, which is the repetition of the sound that is in the name of God, ‘Ahh’.  In addition, he conducts individual and group guided Chakra Healing Meditation. He teaches self discovery and meditation at his Seminars.  

Dr. Rod Pezeshki has been sharing his mission, vision, and purpose in life on Facebook for many years now.  As an author, writing his status updates daily after meditation brings him immense joy knowing that he is  changing countless lives daily, globally.  He has  over 5000 friends and fans that read his thoughts, intuitions, with his spiritual teachings.  Dr. Rod Pezeshki also set up a group called Live a Purposeful Life with Passion that currently has over 3500 members.  This later became the title of his first book that was published in April of 2011.