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Life coaching Los Angeles, led by Dr. Rod is one of the most powerful ways to overcome your challenges in life. As a medical doctor, Rod has professional knowledge about the nature of disease and disharmony in the physical body.  As a spiritual healer, Rod is able to scan your energy field and recognize the imbalance areas in your energy field. Life coaching Los Angeles can be an asset to anyone who is looking for self improvement.

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In today’s world, everyone goes through many life’s difficulties. Stress has been related to the root of all disease. One of the most potent ways that stress is produced is by thinking negative thoughts. A negative thought is like a bush fire. Once it is lid, it has a potential to instigate other thoughts and lead the person into self destruction.

Life coaching Los Angeles promotes positive thinking. Positive thinking doesn’t just happen on its own. It needs training and practice to change a negative thought into a positive thought. Dr. Rod is a firm believer of using affirmation for positive thinking in order to create change and produce results for his clients.

Meditation is another tool among many others that is specifically used by life coaching Los Angeles. There are many different modalities in using meditation. Meditation is a definite way to calm the mind, relax the body, and allow insights to guide you on your path.

As a life coach and healer, Dr Rod is dedicated to the well being of his clients. He believes that nutrition, exercise, and ability to do spiritual practice are the main pillar for living a success full life.  In spiritual term, success in life is when your soul is evolving, your needs are met, and you are expressing your gifts to the world. Maintaining all three disciplines are the main goals of life coaching Los Angeles and what we highly believe will benefit your well being.

Dr Rod at life coaching Los Angeles is looking forward to help and serve you to the best of his capability. Feel free to connect with him.

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