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Life coach and spiritual healer

Life coach and spiritual healer
Dr. Rod, Board of Director at LACCG

Dr. Rod Pezeshki, a life coach and spiritual healer is proud to be an active Board of Director for Los Angeles Children’s Charity Group (LACCG).  LACCG is a non-profit organization created by a group of volunteers in 2012 with an intent to serve the basic needs of orphan, neglected, and abused children in California.

These children are less fortunate individuals in need of unconditional love, basic livelihood, and compassion.  Since 2012, LACCG visited numerous Group Homes and provided basic daily necessities for significant number of children residing at the homes. 

Through a group of dedicated volunteers such as Dr. Rod, LACCG continues to assist and provide for these children to change the quality of these precious children’s lives for the better. 

Many of these children have lost their parent(s) through an unfortunate death, incarceration, or abuse and, thus, have become children of the State of California.  They are usually placed in an orphanage or group home and, ultimately, into the California foster family care system.  LACCG strongly believes that the foster family care system in California lacks sufficient resources, management, and quality of care.  Dr. Rod and other members have observed firsthand how many of these children are sent from one foster family to another and have witnessed the toll this process takes on the children both emotionally and physically.  Many of these children lack basic necessities, such as warm blankets to sleep with during cold nights.  These children are just treated and traded as commodity between foster family services and group homes, and they have become victims of big business in California.


Donate to LACCG
Donate to LACCG


Dr. Rod was also the CEO of Ariel Kasheri 2012 Fund Raising Campaigns.  A soul whose fatal accident nearly caused the loss of his life yet he managed to beat the odds, survived and now closer to live a normal life than ever.  A miracle in action!



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Dr. Rod Pezeshki lives by these set intentions which are : To love, to heal, to inspire, and to be abundant for himself and others in order to raise the collective cosmic consciousness. As a transformational life coach and spiritual healer, Dr. Rod utilizes his knowledge of Western medicine and his practice of Eastern philosophy; combining the best of the two worlds in order to enhance the well being of every soul he has an honor serving.  He is an expert in Guided Chakra Healing, Spiritual, and JAPA meditation.  He utilizes innovative techniques of his own to balance the mind/body/and the spirit with positive energy.