Life Coach Los Angeles

Dr. Rod Pezeshki , Life Coach Los Angeles

 Author, Spiritual Life coach, Meditation, Reiki, and Natural Healing

Dr. Pezeshki is a spiritual Life Coach Los Angeles with back ground in general medicine and psychology. He is an author of three books, expert in variety of meditation techniques, Reiki master, and natural healer. He has a BA degree in Biology, and Physician Surgeon degree from New York Medical College.

Life Coach Los Angeles
Life Coach Los Angeles

As an author, Dr. Pezeshki’s purpose is to motivate, inspire, and teach spiritual principles to his readers. As a spiritual Life coach Los Angeles, Dr. Rod helps clients with personal, emotional, relationship, and financial challenges. These include chronic health disease, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, divorce, loss of loved ones, sexual dysfunction, weight problems, sleep disorders, addiction, and life changing decision making. He is able to clarify his client’s thoughts through the energy of unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, positive thinking, and affirmations. As a natural healer, Dr. Pezeshki Life Coach Los Angeles uses Reiki, a form of Japanese healing and Faradarmani, healing through connecting his clients to inter-universal consciousness with incredible results.

Dr. Pezeshki Life Coach Los Angeles is a seasoned meditation expert. He practices and teaches Japa, mindfulness, spiritual, existential, and contemplative meditation techniques. “I believe all of our issues can be resolved when we slow down our mind, tap into our spirit, and ask for guidance through our own intuition”, says Dr. Rod. He emphasizes on practice and faith in one’s higher self for empowerment. His core philosophy is to bring his clients back to their authentic nature of love and compassion. Dr. Rod handles high profile international clients. To find a life coach Los Angeles is a very personal choice. Therefore, he invites people to join his free assessment with an open heart.

What to expect from Life Coach Los Angeles? Prepare to tap into your personal power. We usually tend to think in the past or think in the future. It is know that too much emphasis on the past makes you depressed. Depression is the lack of expression. Thinking in the future causes you to fall into anxiety because of the unknown. According to Dr. Rod Life coach Los Angeles, finding yourself anchored in the present moment is the key to alleviate emotional dis-ease, releasing pain, and letting go of the burden of dense energies in your mind.

You can expect to find peace and happiness by practicing principles you learn from life coach Los Angeles. These practices will align your mind, body, and spirit together. You will be empowered to make better choices for your life. You will be able to forgive your past by doing forgiveness work with life coach Los Angeles. You will be able to create abundance and success based on your creativity. Life coach Los Angeles will teach you the spiritual laws of manifestation. You will understand that you are the cause of your own life circumstance. Through this awakening process, Life coach Los Angeles will help you get connected to your purpose in life. Through getting connected to your purpose, you will be able to stabilize each area of your life with integrity. You will become a beneficial presence on the planet and use your talents to make a positive change in the world. Life Coach Los Angeles is honored to help you on your journey. He will enable you to take back control over your life and re-design a beautiful destiny.

Dr. Rod, life coach Los Angeles is looking forward to help and serve his clients from near or far.

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