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Dr. Rod Pezeshki , Life Coach Consultant Los Angeles

Author, Spiritual Life coach, Meditation, Reiki, and Natural Healing

Dr. Rod has been involved in the field of personal development and spiritual healing for the past seven years. He has a BA degree in Biology from California state university, Northridge. He has a medical degree from New York Medical College. Dr. Pezeshki is certified in Reiki, a form of natural healing modality from Japan. As a life coach consultant Los Angeles, he is involved in changing people’s lives for better internationally.

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Life Coach Consultant Los Angeles believes in helping people physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Dr. Rod uses his expertise in medical science to assess chronic or acute disease process. There is a strict questionnaire process in the initial assessment to make sure that clients are screened medically. Life Coach Consultant Los Angeles then covers clients past history based on their experience. There is a special form that clients fill out in order to start the assessment process.

Dr. Rod is an author of three books. He is an active blogger and writes on his social media. He has a very large fan base who read his inspirational and motivational writings daily. The writings cover Life Coach Consultant Los Angeles and teach about spiritual principles. They are meant to help the reader to become more aware about the truth of their own being.

Dr Pezeshki works both local and long distance. He uses Reiki as a natural healing modality and he also is a Faradarmani practitioner. He connects his clients to inter-universal consciousness, Hooshmandi, in order for healing to reveal itself. Life Coach Consultant Los Angeles is great resource for natural healing. One can go through the healing process by connecting to the spirit of love and surrender to higher order of universe for wholeness to reveal itself in every life structure.

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