Welcome to my blog. I love to write and inspire people. What I usually do is get up really early in the morning, read from my favorite spiritual books, and then meditate for 45 minutes or so. Then, I go on my social media and write about my insights through channeling with the universe. I allow my creativity to flow with an intention to uplift people’s spirit and use my teachings to make a positive difference in their lives.

“You wonder what I’m talking about? I don’t even know yet as I’m getting in a zone to just write. It’s one of those states of being that I feel my creative urge overflowing with insights. My heart is racing and my mind is wondering to so many places. I’m actually very present, in the moment. I’m very present to my feelings. I feel every cell in my body vibrating. My hands are actually shaking at a very sublte level. It’s a strange space to be, yet for me it’s a very pleasant place because I feel free in this moment. Free from the confinements of my mind, having my heart rule. My heart Chakra is widely open and feels the vibration of the universe. The Ohmm sound of creation echoing in my ear drums. It’s easy to get lost in your own thoughts sometimes. Not being in flow, then it becomes hard to deal with everyday challenges. Can you relate? Have you notice the times when you hurt a loved one without really meaning it? Not having control over your impulses and all of the sudden hell breaks lose? You then get into this feeling of regret. Regret is very powerful and dense. It sucks the living energy out of you. If you are a sensitive BEING, you may carry it’s residues for many hours unless you give yourself a chance to introspect, go deep down in your heart, and clear this energy out. It’s easy to fall pray to your EGO, yet it’s hard to keep yourself together in peace and harmony. It’s easy to stay in ignorance and ignore your connection to ONENESS, yet once you feel the feeling of being connected, it’s hard to forget. It’s easy to be in LOVE, yet when you get used to the feeling of being in LOVE, it’s hard to maintain it. You may take it for granted and forget what allowed you to be in love in the first place. Life is full of surprises and ups and downs. It’s easy to witness these surprises, yet it’s hard to believe that every surprise is synchronized for your own evolution. The evolution of the Soul. It’s easy to deny your Reality and fall into abyss, into emptyness, into the dark matter that easily pulls you down and disconnects you from the source. The hard part is knowing that this is happening to you. The hard part is surrendering to the Truth. Knowledge becomes resistance. The more you know sometimes becomes your own worse enemy for becoming avialable to witness the Truth. To experience the Truth. I feel every breath going in and out of my lungs right now. The heat and the tingling in my hands is getting more intense. I can see my Soul floating above my physical body and expanding beyond this space. It’s easy to be in joy of recognizing your divinity, yet it’s hard to be aware of this all the time. The pull and push of the energies outside sometimes gets the best of us. That’s why practicing what you believe becomes your bread, your water. It becomes the nutrient that feeds your brain and feeds your organ system. Why am I writing this I don’t know. Maybe there is a hidden message that wants to resonate through me and find it’s way to you. Maybe there is something you need to hear that will expand and create space within your heart to become more than who you are. Maybe it’s just an escape right now for me, allowing me to cope with my feelings. It’s easy for me to write, whether or not I’m making sense, however it’s hard to express what I’m feeling. It’s hard to descirbe that which is not describable. Have you ever had a dream where you were awake in your dream? You witness yourself in the dream without being part of the dream. As if you are an extension of something bigger. Now, has this happened to you when you are awake? If so, next time you get in this situation ask yourself am I dreaming in my awake state or am I truly awake in my dream state? The answer is up to you. It’s up to you to percieve how you want to percieve it. It’s easy to fall down and blame everybody else for your fall, yet it’s hard to accept that you are not alone on this journey, that once you fall down, the cycle of life will support you to get back up. It’s hard to accept this right? Yet it’s easy to yield to it. If I’ve driven you crazy by now, it’s easy for me to ask forgiveness. Becuase in the act of For-giveness, I’m giving you something beyond what your conscious mind is able to accept, or pick up. It’s easy to infuse my love through these words and innoculate you with a high energy that I’m feeling. Yet, it’s hard for me to not feel the blood flow in your body, getting more intense, becoming more lively, more passionate, more alive . As I leave you with this note, my prayer is for expansion of your thoughts, blessing you through unconditional love, knowing that in this very moment you and I are ONE. I hold you in the secret place of the most high, where you can only expreince peace and love. YES, It’s easy to SEE you as you ARE, yet it’s hard to stop loving you because we are ONE.”

Namaste….-Dr. Rod

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