Global Event

life coaching events1: Intention: A worldwide coordinated “Focus of Energy” specifically directed to create a paradigm shift.

2: Purpose: We are looking for friends joining us with our intention in order to:

-change individual’s perception in regards to what is possible for their lives.

-increase spiritual awareness and capacity for their inherent potentials to live beyond mediocrity.

-change limitations within what is Reality and what is possible for humanity; to live within this new paradigm, this way of being, this new way of thinking:

A) We are one

B) There is enough

C) We share to live

D) Peace and harmony reigns supreme

3: Procedure: This event is happening every Wednesday, 24 hours a day. I and my friend, Rev. JB, have chosen 6:00am as our weekly commitment to follow through these simple procedures for 5 minutes.

A: Focus of energy:

life coaching global events-This means that participants will sit through 5 minutes of meditation. Also, they will contemplate on what is possible for their spiritual awareness, change in how they perceive life, are receptive to an increase in their capacity, and send out positive vibration through their thoughts in order to be part of the critical mass that intends to bring this vision into manifestation.

Before the meditation, you will announce this intention: “I intend to create a paradigm shift towards: we are one, there is enough, we share to live, and global peace and harmony.”

You can decide to sit at  6:00am from wherever you are in the world on Wednesdays or choose your own time in your time zone. As long as you are setting the intention and sitting through the 5 minute meditation on a Wednesday, you are deliberately participating in this grand vision and helping the critical mass movement.

After your meditation, please complete the process by emailing me the code “we are one” to to complete your participation in our weekly global paradigm shift movement. 

16595526_sB: Participation Statement

-I willingly choose to participate in bringing about a paradigm shift to a higher state of consciousness where each Soul realizes:






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