Conscious Living Workshop

We are meant to play our excellence in this game we call life. It requires tapping into our spiritual  power, inner growth, and transformation into more of our authentic Self. Please join my workshop, “Authentic Living”, designed to expand your consciousness through meditation, align you with your calling by visioning, increase your vitality and motivation by goal setting, and teach you principles of manifestation for spiritual success, abundance, and  prosperity that will change your life for the better, forever!
This is a 5 week course on 5 consecutive Wednesdays starting Aug 9, 17 in Encino, Ca. ( space is LIMITED) Both morning & evening sessions available.
Price: $25/session for package of 5: $125
$35/session for single class.

Conscious living workshop & Meditation 5 sessions package: $125

Conscious living workshop &  Meditation individual session : $35


Call: 818-317-0839 for details & RSVP

Address given upon registration.

Thank you and I’m excited to see you. 💚 Dr Rod